Our Approach
We are a brand that is community driven and environmentally aware,

this is why we’re making the move to become a 0% plastics brand by 2022-
by eradicating plastics in both the process and packaging of our products.

We are actively supporting local and international
organisations with a $1 per order donation.
Currently we are donating to Beyond Blue, for mental health.
Our Why

We want to empower our community to look to their own horizons,
And be inspired to live beyond what they see.

We want to support, grow, inspire, create & empower our community.


Our Story
It all began on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands,
a group of small islands in the heart of the Indian ocean.
A place where the ocean
was the centre of all things.
Life does not run on the clock,
it runs on the tide.
Worker's would begin their day after a surf,
other's would spend their days beneath the surface exploring; 
and many, if not everyone,
would come to fall in-love with the place that brings you to life.
Here, a glimmer of a new life,
one that wasn't built on money or career,
but rather freedom and new opportunity,
a girl became a woman who seeks beyond.
From this, Virtue was created to inspire her
community to reach for more out of life.